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Craft Partners proposes balanced decisions on Executives team building, C-level and Board level search with rare expertise, Leadership, and Human capital assessment solutions, personnel search and assessment, career and competencies development.

Our solutions

We understand the client’s business

We have longstanding experience of cooperation with the best companies on the market, and we propose cutting-edge toolkits for our client’s projects and tasks fulfillment.

Balanced decisions for Client

The success of our Clients is very important for us because it is a recipe for the success of our own.

  1. We have proven experience in international Executive search and expatriate search for definite countries.
  2. We always determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities required. Develop a customized position and candidate specification, detailing the role, responsibilities, goals, and key challenges of the position as well as the experience, qualifications, and competencies required for success. Determine the development zone and possible risks.
  3. We can arrange and come to terms with the best candidates, clear up the outstanding sides of the Employing company, encourage them for productive cooperation with the Company.
  4. We guarantee quality and confidentiality in cooperation.

New opportunities for candidate

  1. We help evolve the candidate’s career, whether he is seeking new challenges, a new role, or a new organization. And we help to understand whether the candidate is ready for the new professional challenges.
  2. We understand that is a new transition in the candidate’s life so as we provide recommendations on how to conduct the negotiations with the Employing company
  3. We use online testing for understanding your personal competencies from the viewpoint of zone development.
  4. We always keep in touch

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Proud of experience

Each of the consultants at Craft Partners has 10+ years of cooperation experience with international and domestic businesses, hundreds of successful projects in executive recruitment in rare and unique specializations, C-Level teams building, proven completed projects in market research for important decision makings.

By our clients’ order, we successfully trained a number of corporate recruiters, HR business partners, and company managers who actively take part in interviewing process.

Lots of career counseling sessions were provided to the candidates to develop their successful career trajectory.

Олександр Гадіяк
Alexander Gadiyak


Вадим Ульяненко
Vadim Uljanenko


Artem Zhirniy

Executive search consultant

Some thoughts as for critical thinking…

Convinced, critical thinking is one of the characteristics of personal maturity. One of the most valuable and significant qualities regarding candidate portrait, especially applying for the C-level and mid-level positions. The importance of developing and cultivating critical thinking is one of the key questions the majority of companies (not only), put before themselves.

European-Ukrainian Energy agency

We are delighted to join the European-Ukrainian Energy agency and believe in our fruitful cooperation and achieving ambitious goals.